IT Data

Importance of Data

Tracking and working with data from Faculty and Staff at Mendoza are important activities for decision making and planning by our IT teams. Data collection is helping to answer relevant questions and conduct proper evaluations. We collect and use data responsibly.

These data resources are available for use by Faculty and Staff to use. 

Faculty and Staff Computers



Check the warranty expirations to see if your computer's warranty is expiring in 2023. Search by department for your computer name to find the warranty expiration date.




Wondering how much a new computer or equipment costs? Check the price of desktops, laptops, monitors, and docking stations. Find out more about the CWP and what costs it covers.



Want a general overview of computers that have been purchased? Review the past four years of purchasing and filter based on device form factor, faculty or staff devices, funding source, and operating system. Want more details? Make your own filters and generate a list that you can export.

Picture of a dashboard showing the number of computers purchased after 2018 (427 in total), and a bar graph showing the number of computers per affiliation. There are 15 computers for affiliates, 144 for staff, and 22 for students. The bar for faculty goes past the visibile space and the number isn't shown.