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Commencement 2024

Dean Martijn Cremers

Dean Martijn Cremers

Monday, 20 May 2024

What a wonderful commencement weekend, from the sunny weather and the beautiful ceremonies, to seeing graduates with their families celebrate this important occasion in their lives. 

The weekend brought a number of special moments, including Father John’s farewell address and a rousing performance by the High Kings

During the Graduate Diploma Ceremony, we had a very literal illustration of the Notre Dame family. We celebrated a mother-daughter graduation as Denise Wright received her Executive MNA while daughter Kelley Wright earned her MBA. And two other MBA grads, Roger Loesch Jr. and David Sobek, graduated with the same degree as their fathers 38 years later! (Both named after their fathers, as well!) 

During the Undergraduate Diploma Ceremony, Andrew Daigneau, who nearly lost his life in a motorcycle accident about two years ago, fulfilled his goal of walking the stage with his classmates to receive his degree on time. (He also had a special cover made for his prosthesis with real gold from the dome regild!) The applause was thunderous as he received his diploma.

Both Mendoza ceremonies were grand, meaningful and very well executed, and represented the spirit of service of our faculty and staff. (Watch the Undergraduate recap video here and the Graduate recap video here!)

They also took an army of faculty and staff volunteers. I am thankful to the many of you who played a part in the success — some with public roles, some behind the scenes. My special thanks to the following:

Undergraduate Commencement Committee and Volunteers: Katherine Alan, Brandy Babcock, Tammy Bilotta, Deb Coch, Mary Coghlin, Carol Elliott, Nick  Farmer, Claire Fitzgibbon, Kari Friestad, Laura Glassford, Ron  Grisoli, Ashley  Heberling, Lisa  Heming, Helen  High, Rachel  Karnafel, Helen  Keefe, Rob  Kelly, Tabitha  Kingsbury, Santhosh  Lakkaraju, Shane  McCoy, Minhee  Myung, Maggie  Neenan-Michel, Jessica  Noffsinger, Kara  Palmer, Dana  Pierce, Amy  Radvansky, Amanda  Rink, Emily  Sharp, Gina  Shropshire, Jessica  Tezich, Tess  Tullman, Charissa  Warne, Kyle Way, Andrew Wendelborn and Barbara Westra.

Graduate Programs Commencement Committee: Teresa True, Christine Gramhofer, Cathi Kennedy, Sherry Nadai, Regan Nadai, Chad DeWeese, Samantha Crisp, Meghan Huff and Zoe Bonnichsen.

Graduate Programs Commencement Volunteers: Angela Sienko, Annette Tysver, Bill Schenher, Brandy Babcock, Cassie Kline, Cassie Smith, Christopher Fruehwirth, Claire Fitzgibbon, Crystal Boser, Dana Pierce, Dave Grundy, Diego Wang, Emily Marrese, Hermalena Powell, Jessica Stookey, Jodi Campbell, Katherine Alan, Kim Brumbaugh, Kyle Way, Lisa Michaels, Michael Mueller, Nadia Ewing, Nick Farmer, Nicole Velasquez, Phil Drendall, Richard Yoo, Santosh Lakkaraju, Shane McCoy, Sherry Nadai, Stephanie Brown, Stephanie Drudge, Suzanne Witt, Tabitha Kingsbury, Tahra Taylor, Tim Cichos, Tracey Plenzler, Tracy Kulwicki, Vasilisa Mikhailova, Zach Stabrowski, Megan Huff, Wendy Walker, Shelley Arredondo-Rice, Joseph Torma and Connie Varga.

Video and Photography Support: Lauren Slygh, Lucas Eggers and Carol Elliott.

Swag Sale Volunteers: Chris Grenert, Carol Elliott, Zara Osterman, Minhee Myung, Stephanie Brown, Rebecca Wood, Shane McCoy, Dave Grundy, Phil Drendall, Nick Farmer, Jen Wade, Barb Westra, Chad DeWeese, Dana Pierce, Vasilisa Mikhailova, Hank Gettinger and Santhosh Lakkaraju.



Below is more information about the two diploma ceremonies and a list of the teaching awards bestowed by the University, the College, the academic departments and the degree programs.

My sincere gratitude to all as we closed out another successful academic year!

In Notre Dame,




A total of 594 undergraduates received their diplomas:

  • Accountancy: 61
  • Business Analytics: 126
  • Business Technology: 3
  • Finance: 300
  • Management Consulting: 50
  • Marketing: 54


Rev. Edmund P. Joyce, C.S.C., Awards for Excellence in Teaching: Mitch Olsen, Richard J. Huether Associate Teaching Professor of Marketing


Joe and Gina Prochaska Family Teaching Award: Robert Lewandowski, Associate Teaching Professor of ITAO



  • James Dincolo Outstanding Professor Award: John Donovan, Gerspach Family Associate Professor of Accountancy
  • James Dincolo Outstanding Research Award: Andrew Imdieke, Associate Professor of Accountancy
  • James Dincolo Outstanding Teaching Award: Sandra Vera-Muñoz, Associate Professor of Accountancy
  • James Dincolo Outstanding Teaching Award: Tonia Hap Murphy, Teaching Professor of Accountancy
  • James Dincolo Outstanding Service Award: Tim Morrison, Associate Teaching Professor, and Fred Mittelstaedt, KPMG Collegiate Professor of Accountancy


  • Outstanding Undergraduate Professor Award: Walt Clements, Teaching Professor of Finance
  • James Dincolo Outstanding Research Award: Ben Golez, Associate Professor of Finance
  • Prochaska Outstanding Teaching Award: Sophie Shive, Associate Professor of Finance
  • Department of Finance Outstanding Teaching Award: Margaret Forster, Teaching Professor of Finance
  • Department of Finance Distinguished Service Award: Katherine Spiess, Associate Professor of Finance

IT, Analytics, and Operations

  • Zachary Plantz Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award: Sharif Nijim, Assistant Teaching Professor of ITAO
  • Outstanding Research Award: Nicholas Berente, Professor of ITAO
  • Prochaska Family Teaching Award: Yoon Seock Son, Assistant Professor of ITAO
  • Outstanding Teaching Professor Award: Jennifer Waddell, Teaching Professor of ITAO
  • ITAO Department Faculty Service Award: Corey Angst, Jack and Joan McGraw Family Collegiate Professor of ITAO

Management & Organization

  • Outstanding Undergraduate Professor Award: Wendy Angst, Teaching Professor of M&O
  • M&O Distinguished Researcher Award: Cindy Muir, Professor of M&O
  • Prochaska Outstanding Teaching Award: John Busenbark, Mary Jo and Richard M. Kovacevich Associate Professor of M&O
  • M&O Outstanding Teaching Faculty Award: Tim Balko, Associate Teaching Professor of M&O
  • M&O Faculty Service Award: Jason Colquitt, Franklin D. Schurz Professor of M&O


  • Outstanding Undergraduate Marketing Professor: Susan Kleiser, Teaching Professor of Marketing
  • Department of Marketing Outstanding Research Award: John Costello, Assistant Professor of Marketing
  • Prochaska Outstanding Teaching Award: Yixing Chen, Assistant Professor of Marketing
  • Department of Marketing Outstanding Teaching Award: Tim Bohling, Teaching Professor of Marketing
  • Marketing Faculty Service Award: Robert Essig, Associate Teaching Professor of Marketing



Altogether, we awarded 613 graduate business diplomas:

  • MBA-OY: 38
  • MBA-TY: 96
  • EMBA SB: 55
  • EMBA CH: 41
  • MSBA CH: 20
  • MSBA-R: 79
  • MSBA-SA: 30
  • MSM: 71
  • MSA: 67
  • MSF: 39
  • MNA: 38
  • EMNA: 39


  • Traditional MBA Outstanding Professor Award: Howard Lanser, Adjunct Associate Teaching Professor of Finance
  • Arnie Ludwig Outstanding Professor Award for the South Bend Executive MBA Program: Robert Battalio, William and Cassie Daley Collegiate Professor of Finance
  • Leo Burke Outstanding Professor Award for the Chicago Executive MBA Program: Michael Meyer, Teaching Professor of Accountancy
  • Master of Nonprofit Administration Outstanding Professor Award: Francis Bilson Darku, Assistant Professor of ITAO
  • Executive Master of Nonprofit Administration Outstanding Professor Award: Jennifer Waddell, Teaching Professor of ITAO
  • Master of Science in Management Outstanding Professor Award: Katherine Spiess, Associate Professor of Finance
  • Master of Science in Business Analytics Outstanding Professor Award: Ahmed Abbasi, Joe and Jane Giovanini Professor of IT, Analytics, and Operations
  • Master of Science in Business Analytics, Sports Analytics, Outstanding Professor Award: Brandon Erlacher, Associate Teaching Professor of ITAO.
  • Master of Science in Business Analytics-Chicago Outstanding Professor Award: Fred Nwanganga, Associate Teaching Professor of ITAO.
  • Master of Science in Accountancy James Dincolo Outstanding Professor Award: Jamie O’Brien, Teaching Professor of Accountancy
  • Master of Science in Finance Outstanding Professor Award: Jeffrey Bacidore, Associate Teaching Professor of Finance

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Morning Brew

What I'm Embracing - Deb Coch

A Journey of Loss, Love and New Beginnings


Recalling the poignant events of March 2020 brings a mix of emotions, from heartache to hope. That fateful month, just before undergoing back surgery, I faced the painful decision to bid farewell to one of my cherished dachshunds, a loyal companion of 14 years. The weight of loss was crushing, compounded by the looming uncertainty of the pandemic that soon engulfed the world.


Returning home from surgery on March 4, I found solace in the comforting presence of my remaining doxy, a steadfast ally in the isolating days that followed. Yet, fate dealt another blow when my second furry friend fell ill, prompting yet another heartbreaking good-bye. COVID, with its grip tightening, left me not only grappling with isolation but also bereft of my beloved pets.


In the midst of this turmoil, I sought a ray of hope in the form of a new furry friend. Anticipating the inevitable aging of my doxies, I had reached out to a breeder specializing in mini Australian shepherds. Despite the breeder’s distance in a Chicago suburb and the unavailability of pet dogs at the time, I patiently waited, hopeful for a new addition to my family.


As I mourned the loss of my second pup during those agonizing three months, a glimmer of hope emerged. Through the breeder’s connection, I learned of a mini Aussie shepherd available in Iowa. Despite the distance, my longing for companionship outweighed any logistical challenges.


With determination and the support of my boyfriend, we embarked on a journey to Iowa on a Saturday morning, venturing into the unknown during the pandemic’s peak. Arriving at the breeder’s secluded farm, we were greeted by a chorus of miniature barks and wagging tails, and among them, the newest member of our family.


As I locked eyes with the tiny ball of fur eagerly awaiting our arrival, I felt a surge of emotion. Love, raw and immediate, enveloped me. The breeder welcomed us warmly, introducing us to the precious pup who would fill the void left by Bailey and Chloe. Reflecting on their memories, I merged their names into one, christening our newest family member Caylee.


In the face of loss and uncertainty, Caylee became a beacon of hope, a reminder that even in the darkest times, love and companionship endure.


Deb Coch

Administrative Support & Program Management

Department of Finance


Collage of photos of Deb Coch, her dog Caylee, and boyfriend.

May 13, 2024

MCOB Updates

Wall Street Journal Subscription Update

Collections Update from the Mahaffey Business Library

We now have direct access to the Wall Street Journal

If you are already personally subscribed to the Wall Street Journal already. Do 2 things:
1. Cancel your current subscription
Please email or call 1-800-JOURNAL to cancel. When
requesting an account cancellation, indicate that your University has partnered with WSJ to
provide complimentary memberships to students, faculty, and staff.

2. Go to and do a one-time account creation.

If you are not personally subscribed to the Wall Street Journal. Do 1 thing:
1. Go to and do a one-time account creation

Our Capital IQ access policy has changed and can now be accessed by the following methods.
1. Access Capital IQ at the following link with your netID and password.
2. Alternatively, access as a clickable icon in okta.nd.ed

Please reach out to Ask a Business Librarian if the sign-in gives you an error or the Okta icon does not

Accounts from the previous policy will still work for a brief migration grace period. Eventually, these
accounts will become inaccessible requiring all users to access via the new policy. Our Business Library Databases Page also maintains active links to each of these resources in addition to many others.

October 10, 2022

Mendoza IT

Tech Tips

Google Scholar

Citation analysis is being monitored more in the academic profession as a measure of impact. By creating a Google Scholar Profile (leave it public, which is the default) you can increase the accessibility of your research and have immediate access to h-statistics and other impact metrics.

February 3, 2020

ND Google Shortcuts

Did you know there are shortcuts to log in to your ND Gmail and other Google services? If you visit you are taken directly to Google Drive, or to the login page if you are not already logged in. You can also skip logging in to insideND or visiting by going directly to for Gmail. You can also go directly to Google Calendar by visiting

February 3, 2020

Manage When Participants Join Zoom

If you enable Waiting Room in your Zoom settings, you can manage when new attendees are able to join a meeting from the list of Participants. When these tools are enabled, the option to allow attendees to join the meeting before the host arrives is automatically disabled.

February 3, 2020

Window Snapping

In Windows, you can drag a window to the left or right edge of your screen to make it fill one half of the screen, or drag to the top of the screen to maximize the window. View two windows side by side quickly and easily. You can also press the Windows key + left or right arrow to make the active window fill the left or right side of the screen.

Minimize All Windows

Sometimes you have a bunch of applications running, and you want it all to go away so you can get to the desktop. Simply pressing Windows key + D will minimize everything you have up, which will save you some time pressing the minimize button for each window. To bring everything back, press the Windows key + D again to restore your windows. 

Speak-Up Culture

As the College adapts and innovates in the face of change, your voice matters more than ever, and the ND Voice Engagement Committee wants to help you use it. Each week we will highlight a resource to inspire you, challenge you, and help you speak up and/or listen up more effectively.