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Dean Martijn Cremers

Dean Martijn Cremers

Tuesday, 17 January 2023
Happy 2023 and welcome back! I hope that you had a good break. I’m looking forward to a great spring semester.
Thursday (January 19) is the beginning of Notre Dame’s Walk the Walk Week (WTWW), a week-long series of campus events aimed at helping each of us consider our role in making Notre Dame and Mendoza more welcoming and inclusive.
I encourage you to attend the showing of Hesburgh at 5 p.m. on Wednesday (January 18) in the Jordan Auditorium. The documentary focuses on the lasting impact of Father Ted on diversity at Notre Dame, the country and the world. The Mendoza Staff Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council sponsored the event, which includes pizza and a panel discussion. (See more information below.)
As we prepare to start classes, I highlight some of the new undergraduate courses offered this spring (a complete list can be found here). Collectively, they showcase our commitment to the curricular innovation made possible by our new Undergraduate Business Core, which significantly reduced the number of required courses to allow for a more flexible, customized education:
MGTO 30535 Entrepreneurship: Go To Market (Sam Miller)
With an emphasis on digital marketing strategies, the Go To Market course will provide hands-on experience in designing and testing market strategies that generate real evidence that’s critical for entrepreneurial success.
MGTO 40612/5 Applied Impact Consulting (Wendy Angst)
In Applied Impact Consulting (AIC) students work as global consultants directly with clients on projects to build an Impact Portfolio to highlight the global impact that we as a University are having on the world’s most pressing problems.
BES 30310 Business and the Common Good (Dave O’Connor and Mary Hirschfeld)
This gateway seminar for the new Minor in Business and the Common Good focuses on the place of wealth and commerce in a well-ordered life, both for the individual and the community, with a special interest in Catholic social teaching.
ACCT 30160 Sustainability Accounting & Reporting and Impact Investing (Sandra Vera-Munoz)
Students will learn about the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) ecosystem, including factors influencing stakeholders’ demand for ESG information. (This is not a new course but it is now open to more students.)
ITAO 30310 AI for Good (Georgina Curto Rex)
In this course, students explore the state of the art in AI business development and its ethical implications in relation to current global societal and environmental challenges.
ITAO 40570 Urban Analytics (Jeff Kai)
Students will master popular modern statistical methods and be equipped with hands-on skills in urban data analytics.
The new courses reflect the efforts of many faculty and staff members in the College, from the faculty to the chairs and department directors of Undergraduate Studies. I especially want to thank Associate Dean Craig Crossland, Academic Director Amanda McKendree and Assistant Dean Andy Wendelborn and his team for their dedication to providing our students with a learning experience worthy of this great University.
In Notre Dame,

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MCOB Updates

Wall Street Journal Subscription Update

Collections Update from the Mahaffey Business Library

We now have direct access to the Wall Street Journal

If you are already personally subscribed to the Wall Street Journal already. Do 2 things:
1. Cancel your current subscription
Please email or call 1-800-JOURNAL to cancel. When
requesting an account cancellation, indicate that your University has partnered with WSJ to
provide complimentary memberships to students, faculty, and staff.

2. Go to and do a one-time account creation.

If you are not personally subscribed to the Wall Street Journal. Do 1 thing:
1. Go to and do a one-time account creation

Our Capital IQ access policy has changed and can now be accessed by the following methods.
1. Access Capital IQ at the following link with your netID and password.
2. Alternatively, access as a clickable icon in okta.nd.ed

Please reach out to Ask a Business Librarian if the sign-in gives you an error or the Okta icon does not

Accounts from the previous policy will still work for a brief migration grace period. Eventually, these
accounts will become inaccessible requiring all users to access via the new policy. Our Business Library Databases Page also maintains active links to each of these resources in addition to many others.

October 10, 2022

Here is a rundown of in-progress and planned renovations:
Stayer Center
  • Improvements to the combined MBA & Executive Lounge (3rd floor) are to be completed over the Christmas break.
  • Several team rooms and lounge spaces are being added on the first floor.
  • The drink station previously located in Commons B is moving into the Servery. This will eliminate interruptions and noise that often affects guests in Commons B.
  • Once the 305 Lounge and Commons B/Servery work is complete, we plan to eliminate the drink stations at the east and west ends of the second floor, which will then provide additional social space and seating for students.
  • We soon will be seeking bids for the renovation of storage space in the lower level, adding team rooms and additional lounge/social space for students.
  • New outdoor, University-standard, sustainably produced tables and chairs are on order for the patios, along with large umbrellas.
Mendoza Building
  • A Ph.D. suite is being created in the lower level (L014B & L014C).
  • Improvements to the former MBA lounge (149/267) to create a refreshed space for Specialized Masters students will begin once we have fully moved the MBA program to Stayer.
  • In the Potenziani Family Atrium, the stock exchange trading post will be placed in storage until we can find alternate space in the future H2A renovation. Upgrades to the atrium furniture as well as additional seating/tables will be added to provide improved social space for our Specialized Masters students.
  • A new bike rack will be added this spring near Mendoza’s southwest entrance to provide much needed spaces for an increasing number of bikes and scooters
December 15, 2021


Starting in January 2022, the new format for the University of Notre Dame's Executive MBA-Chicago (EMBA-C) extends the length of its program to two years with monthly residencies Thursday through Saturday.

Mendoza IT

Tech Tips

Google Scholar

Citation analysis is being monitored more in the academic profession as a measure of impact. By creating a Google Scholar Profile (leave it public, which is the default) you can increase the accessibility of your research and have immediate access to h-statistics and other impact metrics.

February 3, 2020

ND Google Shortcuts

Did you know there are shortcuts to log in to your ND Gmail and other Google services? If you visit you are taken directly to Google Drive, or to the login page if you are not already logged in. You can also skip logging in to insideND or visiting by going directly to for Gmail. You can also go directly to Google Calendar by visiting

February 3, 2020

Manage When Participants Join Zoom

If you enable Waiting Room in your Zoom settings, you can manage when new attendees are able to join a meeting from the list of Participants. When these tools are enabled, the option to allow attendees to join the meeting before the host arrives is automatically disabled.

February 3, 2020

Window Snapping

In Windows, you can drag a window to the left or right edge of your screen to make it fill one half of the screen, or drag to the top of the screen to maximize the window. View two windows side by side quickly and easily. You can also press the Windows key + left or right arrow to make the active window fill the left or right side of the screen.

Minimize All Windows

Sometimes you have a bunch of applications running, and you want it all to go away so you can get to the desktop. Simply pressing Windows key + D will minimize everything you have up, which will save you some time pressing the minimize button for each window. To bring everything back, press the Windows key + D again to restore your windows. 

Speak-Up Culture

As the College adapts and innovates in the face of change, your voice matters more than ever, and the ND Voice Engagement Committee wants to help you use it. Each week we will highlight a resource to inspire you, challenge you, and help you speak up and/or listen up more effectively.