Syllabus Resources

Learning at ND

The Kaneb Center for Teaching Excellence hosts numerous tools, opportunity, and resources for faculty, adjunct instructors, graduate students, and post-docs for informing content delivery, course syllabi, and the professional aspects of teaching. Please visit for a complete list of resources, including: 

  • Course Design
  • Designing a Syllabus
  • Teaching Strategies
  • Workshops
  • Understanding CIF results
  • and more. 

Syllabi Management & LAEF

The Syllabi Archive is a collaborative effort between departments and the office of Faculty Support. At the beginning of every semester, faculty are required to submit their course syllabi to the department administrator within the first two weeks of classes starting. Once you have been appointed to teach during your initial and any subsequent semesters, please submit your syllabus in a timely fashion. Please reach out to your faculty administrators for the current submission process for your department. 


Learning Assessment Evaluation Forms (LAEF)

At the end of your teaching assignment each semester, it is necessary for all faculty to complete a Learning Assessment Evaluation Form (LAEF).  This form collects data on the learning goals and outcomes for that course.  You will receive an email notification at the end of the semester reminding you to complete the form once they are available online.