Information for Instructors

Human Resources

HR will need your NDID Number included above to locate you in the employee management system.
askHR Customer Service Center: 574-631-5900
New Hire Website:


New Hire Paperwork:

The I-9 form will be emailed approximately 30 days from your start date and you are required to complete Section One. Original identification documents and Section Two must be completed in person at Human Resources, unless you are not teaching in South Bend for which HR will email you a remote location link to complete the process near you. Federal and State Tax forms may also be completed at this time. All requirements must be completed within three (3) business days of the contract start dateAfter this time, you will be placed on a 14 day suspension period in which to complete the paperwork.


Direct Deposit enrollment and information must be entered by logging in to InsideND and clicking on the Direct Deposit icon under the My Resources tab. You will need your active NetID (refer to #3 below), password, bank routing number and bank account number. You will continue to receive paper checks until this process in complete.


Upon completion of your hire paperwork, you will receive an NDID card. This card enables you to go to obtain a parking decal (refer to #2 below).

Administrative Resources/Policies

Parking Services: Hammes Mobray Hall Building

Take your NDID card to receive your parking pass.

Mendoza IT: 321 Mendoza College of Business

Please refer to the New Employee Technology Orientation website: to activate your NetID.  For help with Sakai follow the link and click on the teaching button in the top middle for teaching resource help.


Our College intranet site is called the COBweb – check it out via this link:


Enterprise Technology (Help Desk):

Supports all of your office technology needs which include computer equipment purchasing, software installations, and all office computer related questions or problems, smartphones, etc.
574-631-7896 -
Contacts: David Yeh ~ Ryan Hudson ~ Ryan Kraszyk ~ Hank Gettinger


Educational Technology:

Supports all Mendoza College of Business Classrooms and Event Setup, InsideND, Sakai, etc.
Contact: Nick Page ~ Jeremy May ~ Jim Spencer ~ Frank Mark


IT Operations:

Supports Slate, Salesforce, and provides process improvement, and internal web and mobile development.
Contact: Diego Wang ~ Mark Kimmet

Faculty Support: 338 Mendoza College of Business

Located in Faculty Support is your mail slot and they will familiarize you with their faculty support services.
Contact: Maggie Neenan-Michel – or


Mendoza's Research Team:

Supports all of your research needs that include Databases, Statistical Software, Data Extraction, Fortran, C/C+, Maple, Mathematical, etc.
Contact: Brandon Greenawalt ~ James Ng ~ Raymond Alavo

Mahaffey Business Library: L001 Mendoza College of Business

Branch of the Hesburgh Libraries located within Mendoza. Supports your teaching and research by recommending sources based on your information needs; purchasing materials like books, journals, databases, and datasets; retrieving and delivering articles to you; placing material for your courses on Reserves; and more. The staff will assist you in enabling your Library-related logons to facilitate interlibrary loan, borrowing materials, etc. 
Contacts: Michele Shaw ~ Stephen Hayes ~ Pete Pietraszewski
Mahaffey Business Library Website:

Mendoza Website Faculty Directory

As an adjunct, we would like to invite you to participate in the faculty directory page  In order for your current, preferred contact and education information to appear on our web directory, we ask that you complete the adjunct faculty survey form which is accessible through the following link: Click here to take the adjunct survey.


The information you include on the survey form will be what is displayed on your webpage as part of the faculty directory.   Upon completion, we will build your profile for inclusion in theMendoza website directory. 


In addition, if you wish for a photo to appear please email me a professional headshot photo.  If you do not currently have a headshot, you may have one taken at one of the photo shoots we hold in the office.  These normally take place just prior to the start of the fall and spring semesters.  By not completing the survey form, we trust you do not wish to be included in the faculty directory. 

Teaching Resources Information

Departments and Offices

Course Instructor Feedback

  • FAQs and Instructions:
  • Please inquire with your department chair for any specific department instructions
  • Important note:
    • What will an instructor need to do before students can complete a CIF survey in his/her class?
      The Gap system will notify instructors by email if one or more of their courses are designated to be included in the CIF system that semester. An instructor need not do anything for the CIF to be distributed to his/her students. However, if the instructor would like to add supplemental questions to the CIF or modify the Learning Goals Tier, s/he can login to the CIF system, view the student survey, and add open-ended or multiple-choice questions appropriate to the course, or replace learning goals from items in the Learning Goals Inventory.


At the beginning of every semester, faculty are required to submit their course syllabi to the department administrator within the first two weeks of classes starting.  Once you have been appointed to teach during your initial and any subsequent semesters, please submit your syllabus in a timely fashion.


At the end of your teaching assignment each semester, it is necessary for all faculty to complete a Learning Assessment Evaluation Form (LAEF).  This form collects data on the learning goals and outcomes for that course.  You will receive an email notification at the end of the semester reminding you to complete the form once they are available online.  The form is accessible by login via the COBweb Intranet.

Adjunct Office Space

L047 and L048 Mendoza College of Business


Use your Notre Dame employee swipe card to gain access to the adjunct faculty shared office space which is located in the lower level of Mendoza.


Question can be directed to the college's Facilities Administrator @ 631-8994 or

John R. Malone Faculty Commons Lounge

The Faculty Lounge is open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. Card swipe is required beyond those hours for faculty and staff only.