Office Supplies

Office Supplies

All office supplies will be distributed through faculty support. Please email us at with your supply request and we will place them in your mailbox.


List of Available Supplies



Q: What if I need something that is not on the list, will you order it for me?
A: Our inventory of available supplies is based on past purchases. We will consider all additional requests; however, some specialty items will need to be purchased through your department.


Q: What if I want a special type of pen that is not on the list, can you add it to the current supplies?
A: We have ten different types of pens in our inventory. Again, this list was compiled from the most frequently ordered in prior years. Pens outside this list will be considered special order.


Q: Can I get departmental letterhead from you?
A: Your department will still be responsible for all stationary needs, including: letterhead, envelopes, and business cards.


Q: Where can I obtain gifts for class speakers?
A: Please contact your department or Dean’s office regarding speaker gifts.