Account Lifecycle and Storage

Account Lifecycle and Storage

Inactive Accounts and Files will be Deleted Beginning March 2024

Beginning in March 2024, all content from inactive Google & Box accounts will be deleted. You must take action to make sure any content that is shared with you is retained.

Google Drive

Click Here to find a list of all the files that are shared with you that will be deleted soon.


First, we recommend creating a new Shared Drive to save files that are not collaborative, only used by you. 


Second, determine if the files are shared with others. Coordinate with other collaborators to make sure that like files are moved into the same space.


Then, you can begin moving files. Files that are only used by you can be moved into the new Shared Drive that you created. Files that belong in a Collaborative Shared Drive, like departmental files, can be moved into appropriate Shared Drives after consulting with other collaborators.


Finally, you cannot move files that you do not own. For those files, you will need to make a copy that you do own and place that copy into a Shared Drive.


For more information please see this Knowledgebase article.


To find files that are pending deletion in Box, look for Blue folders. Those are folders that are shared. Click inside each blue folder and check the owner. If the owner starts with [Pending Deletion], that folder and all files inside are at risk.


There are no Shared Drives in Box. Instead, a Box Group Account can create folders similar to Shared Drives. We've already created departmental folders for Faculty and Staff using a Box Group Account. If you need your own Box Group Account, you can request one using this form.


Once you've determined which files need to be moved and where to move them, it's as simple as moving them. If you are not an editor, you may have to download the files and upload new versions to the appropriate spaces.


For more information please see this Knowledgebase article.

Upcoming Workshops

Please join us in Mendoza L062 for some brief instruction and Q&A regarding the Collaborative Storage Initiative, followed by lots of time for one-on-one consultation and practice moving files to shared locations.

A Zoom option is available. Details are in the calendar invite.

Wednesday, 2/14 3:30 PM

Wednesday, 2/21 3:30 PM

Tuesday, 2/27 3:30 PM