Cobweb/Mendoza Exchange History

Cobweb and Mendoza Exchange Website History

The original vision for the College of Business intranet was named COBWeb, and it debuted in 2003.  It's main goal was to provide a platform for the dissemination of information internal to the college, links to popular college, university and external resources and to promote a sense of community.  This vision lives on today, under it's newest iteration, the Mendoza Exchange.


The idea to create a college newsletter and combine it's reach with the Cobweb came out of the Mendoza Engagement Team 2017-2018 recommendations. The newsletter was launched first in 2018 by the Mendoza Communications Team.


In 2019 the Mendoza IT Operations Team started working with the Communications team to re-brand the Cobweb site as the Mendoza Exchange website and integrate the information from the newsletter for easy access to the current topics and past information, as well as the ability to provide real time information.


As with any website the content is fluid, and if future needs change we'll adjust accordingly.  Our goal is to serve the population of the Mendoza College of Business.  Please feel free to pass any comments or suggestions on to